The Technology

Naturally occurring microorganisms can aerobically degrade hydrocarbons.  These hydrogen eating microbials are a small percentage of the “typical” background levels present in nearly all environments.  This process is represented by the following equation:  (Example based on toluene)

C6H5  +  CH3  +  9O2  =   7CO2  +  4H2O

The resultant products, carbon dioxide and water, both are extremely favorable to the environment.  Providing nutrient packages, containing carbon, phosphorus, and nitrogen, to the desired biomass accelerates this equation rate.  S-200 OilGone provides such material in a manner that assures rapid growth of microbial colonies in the desired location.   Further, with the proper chemistry, the nutrients are accessible only to hydrocarbon-consuming microbes, thus assuring the desired colonies’ growth.

EcoCapture Molecule 1