S200 OilGone application to the Marina environment

d’Albora is Australia’s largest marina business. S200 OilGone reinforces the company’s commitment to providing an environmentally responsible and sustainable business.

d’Albora Nelson Bay use S200 OilGone for all hydrocarbon spills on water and land
S200 OilGone sprayed on spill immediately removes sheen and encapsulates the hydrocarbon both in and out of solution
Keeps encased oil on the surface thus protecting delicate undersea life

S200 OilGone protects nearby boat hulls, rocks and marina poles from spill. Gives the same protection to mangroves and moves with tide movements

Bio remediation commences on contact and quickly reduces the spill to carbon dioxide and water

2 litres of S200 OilGone added quarterly to heavily polluted bilge in boats, encapsulates the hydrocarbon eliminating hydrocarbon vapours below decks and converting the spill to Co2 and water

Also protects marina and environment in the case of accidental bilge pump out in port

Reduced costs, as no need for bilge socks or bilge pump out
Protects asphalt from degradation on any shore spills

Contaminants: Diesel, fuel, engine oil, hydraulic oil


  • D'Albora Nelson Bay
  • Bilge spill
  • Maintenance cleaning
  • On Application