BegaCreek 1

Bega Creek Remediation

300 litres engine oil spills into adjoining creek. Bega town lakes and river under threat of contamination.
Traditional dig and haul estimated at over $300,000

S200 OilGone is selected after successful application on bridge and foreshore construction spills

Use absorbents to pick up free product

Apply S200 OilGone at source of the spill, drains and head of the creek with pump, encapsulating all oil on vegetation and in/ on water

Immediate removal of sheen on water

4 week bioremediation to remove all contamination

No contamination during bioremediation as all oil is permanently encapsulated

Total cost ($10,000 – S200 OilGone) $20,000

Contaminants: Engine Oil


  • Before Application
  • Before Application
  • Application
  • Application
  • Before Application
  • Immediately After
  • Application on Bank vegetation
  • Complete regeneration